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Know what you are getting from your Caterer

Know what you are getting from your Caterer

Different Styles of Catering are available.  If you do not know the correct questions to ask, it can cause a lot of extra work for your family, friends and even you after the event is over. 

Catering Styles:

Drop off service - the catering company prepares the amount of food that you order and they drop it off and it is up to the host, to have the chafing pans or other means of keeping hot food hot and cold food cold.  There are no servers, clean up staff or breakdown staff. 

Buffet Service with no clean up - The Catering company may provide the Buffet set up, perhaps with the means to keep the food at the temperature that you need and some do not.  Provide you with staffing to serve the food on the buffet as your guests pass thru or just set up the buffet and get their warming or cooling items, if they did provide them later in the evening.  With this type of service, more often than not they still do not provide staffing to pick up used items, plates, cups, flatware etc.... from the guest tables as they finish.  

Buffet Service - with service staff serving your buffet, having clean up staff to clear the tables after dinner.  This type of service most of the time does not provide the staff to clear tables at the end of the night.  

Seated Service / Full Service / Plated service - Dinners are served at the table and at the end of the dinner service, some companies leave some staff to continue to pick up thru the event, some do not, make sure and ask. 

Questions and Plans to make - Do you offer a tasting and if so how much do you charge?  What type of Service is included for this price?  What type of dinnerware, glassware and flatware is provided?  If it is not provided for that cost, can we upgrade? Do you have serving staff?  If so, what does that entail ( clearing plates, glasses, trash, after dinner and or at the end of the night? Do you charge a service charge? Do you charge a delivery charge? Do you charge gratuity? Do you provide the chafing / warming and cooling vessels for our food?  

Our Catering Service and Pricing includes the following: Buffet Linens, Items to keep your food at temperature, a free tasting, Buffet Service with staff on the buffet line.  Depending on the number of guests we do charge to remove the plates after dinner for a small fee depending on how many guests you have. We can also provide you with staffing to stay until event is over, clearing tables and making sure all trash is off all tables.   Most of our Dinners are 14 -16.00 a person, there is no  additional service, gratuity or delivery charges!  We make all of our food fresh for your event and make sure it is food that you and your guests will love to eat. 


August 4, 2018



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